Dr. Glasser, a physician as well as a best selling author  and lecturer, drafted into the army in August 1968 at the height of the Vietnam War has written extensively about military medicine in Vietnam, Mogadishu, Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a physician working in a large metropolitan referral hospital he has also watched and documented the changes in modern medicine from the general practioner to the family practice and primary care physician to the present era of the specialist, MRIs, Cat Scan, the Intensive Care Unit and laboratory values devoid of any real personal involvement having little to do with The Art of Medicine.While our present wars continue to grind on and health care continues to become ever more dysfunctional, Dr. Glasser’s military and medical insights presented in books, articles and lectures have been the starting point for discussions on both the practice of medicine in America and medical care on the battlefield. Depending on your interest or concerns just click on “The military and military medicine” or “medicine and medical care in America”.

Dr. Glasser’s writings have become both a reliable source of information as well as a rallying point for those concerned about the delivery of first rate medical care to those who need it the most.